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                      Overnight Parking Permit Application

The City of Batavia prohibits parking overnight on all city streets between 1:00 AM and 6:00 AM. However, we understand that special circumstances may arise that require residents to park in the street on a temporary basis. To apply for an Overnight Parking Permit, you may use this form for passenger cars and pickup trucks (class "B" truck plates). For any other vehicles, such as a trailer, recreational vehicle (RV), or commercial vehicle, please call the Police Department at 630-454-2500.
Important Notes
Overnight parking is not allowed on any city street when snowfall reaches 2 or more inches, regardless of whether or not you have received a permit to park overnight. During a snowfall event, permits will be cancelled automatcally.
Other emergency situations may also arise that will require us to cancel your permit; in such an emergency, we will try to contact you using the information below.
Use of this system is subject to restrictions. If you have unpaid parking tickets or have requested a permit more than three (3) times in the last fourteen (14) days, your permit application will be denied. Please call the Police Department if you have special circumstances that do not comply with these parameters.

Your Contact Information
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Location Where Vehicle Will Be Parked
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Dates and Reason for Applying
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